ARJ Group Inc. has been providing homeowners with a full range of remodeling and home repair solutions since 2004.

We offer everything from whole house remodels and major additions to simple home repairs and routine electrical and plumbing services. Our “one-stop” approach has enabled homeowners to benefit tremendously by contacting one firm to handle all facets of a maintenance issue. We take pride in our ability to handle every situation within a residential portfolio of homes, condominiums and apartments. We also provide our clients a seamless process– eliminating disputes between Architects and Builders.

As access to products and materials has increased over the years, options to change our homes have grown as well. Houses are becoming more complicated as our expectations become wilder and more glorious. Remodeling is the perfect way to appease your desires and maintain a sustainable environment.

Our success is dependent on helping our clients achieve their dreams. Call us now for a free estimate.




Home remodeling decisions are made by women 85% of the time.


Bathroom and kitchen remodels have the highest return on investment.


Bamboo and linoleum are eco-friendly flooring options.